Why You Need a Home Warranty

Home warranties are a smart investment when you are a homeowner. Whether you are a first time home owner and are just discovering what it really costs to maintain a home or you have older appliances that are going to inevitably need servicing throughout the year, a home warranty is a simple way to cut costs on repairs. When you are looking at home warranties, it is important to know why you need one and what you are paying for. It is also pertinent to remember that just as in cases of home repair, with home warranties you get what you pay for. Check out https://www.ahs.com for more information.

Who Needs a Home Warranty?

w123When pondering why you would need a home warranty it is wise to know who a home warranty is designed to benefit and if you fall under one of those categories. One of the groups of home owners that a home warranty caters to the most is new home owners. New homeowners have likely just spent the largest amount of money at one time in their entire lives and are left needing to protect their wallets. The best way to do this is to consider that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and that home insurance isn’t simply enough. Home insurance leaves many gaps in coverage of your belongings and interworking of your home, so should something break down, you are going to be left with a large repair fee that you likely cannot afford. To avoid this financial strain and anticipating its arrival, you can arm yourself with a home warranty ahead of time. This means you can pay an annual amount of usually $300 to $500. While this may seem like a large expense at the time, it will absolutely save in the long run. It is also advised that home owners that live in a homethat is of older construction or own older appliances should also have a home warranty.

The Benefits of a Home Warranty

As briefly mentioned above, home insurance is simply not enough to cover potential expensive that the home owner will come across in learning to maintain their home. Home insurance does not cover the cost of repairs or replacement of appliances, interior plumbing sans fixtures, interior electrical problems, or malfunctioning heating and cooling. Without a home warranty, all of this is left completely unprotected. When you own a home, one of the quickest lessons one learns is that things begin to fall apart quickly. When considering this and knowing what is left unprotected, it is easy to see how the costs would mount in no time at all if you are left to pay for them out of pocket. In order to avoid this and protect your wallet and your investment in your home, you must get a home warranty.

Home warranties are smart purchases when looking to cut costs while owning your own home. By having a home warranty, you are able to save money from potential and inevitable repairs, while also taking care of your home.


One Step In Regular Home Maintenance: Fixing Broken Caulk

When it comes to your home bathroom or shower, the main fear is that the caulk may wear down. Caulk acts as a sealant, which means that it prevents water and other materials from infiltrating beneath the tile. This is an important component to any bathroom, shower, or any other part of your home because it protects the entire area from damage caused by water and other materials. To make sure that your home is well protected, below is an overview of how you can fix broken caulk. By doing the repairs that you need, you can easily get the updated maintenance that is necessary.

Figuring Out Where To Work

claukThe first step is to do an overview of the areas that need to be cleared of the old caulk and replaced. You’ll usually notice issues when the caulk itself is cracked, peeling, or simply gone. The most frequent areas of your home where this happens are the bathroom, kitchen, basement, and by any baseboards that you’ve tried to seal up with caulk. After you’ve figured out where work needs to be done, make a list and then choose the caulk that you need. Different types of materials are going to need different forms of caulk. For example, if you are sealing wood, then you need caulk that is especially used on wood. This will provide a better appearance and sealing quality.

Clear Old Caulk Away

The next step is to clear away the old caulk. To do this step, you’ll need a handy screwdriver. The best type is one with a flat tip so that you can easily and swiftly scrape away the caulk that exists. If you are worried about mess, then you should also get a handheld vacuum to clear away the pieces. To clear away the caulk, you’ll want to press the screwdriver at 90 degrees and scrape away the caulk. The caulk should come away easily.

New Caulk

Lastly, you also need to add the new caulk to the area. After everything is cleared away, you can begin sealing the space. The caulk should be added with a thin nozzle so that it can get into the crevices well. After you have the caulk added, you can take a paper towel and run it over to clear up any mess. Just don’t press to hard as to not to ruin the caulk. At the end of the day, you’ll have a sealed and protected home with little effort.

The Height Of Luxury: A Marble Bath

There are many ways to achieve a luxury look in your home. For most people, the most important part of the home is their master bath. The master bath is the ideal space because it is where you usually retire to after a long day at work or caring for your family. As a result, it is important that this room have all of the luxury features that you can put into it. Out of all the features available, the most popular is a marble bath. Below are a number of reasons why adding marble to your bathroom is the height of luxury

A Stunning Appearance

When choosing a look for your bath, you want something that is going to have timeless and luxurious beauty. Marble is one of those materials that can meet your expectations. Designers have been using this material for centuries in some of the most beautiful and exquisite buildings in the world. When you choose marble, you also have the option of choosing from different types and styles of marble that come in different colors. This can help you pick a marble that is unique to your own taste and bathroom style.

Management and Durability

Another advantage of marble is that it is an extremely durable and manageable material. One of the worst things that you can do for your home is to pick a material that is going to be difficult to handle or that wears down quickly. Marble is a material that you can rely on. It is easily cared for with regular cleaning products, it lasts a long time, and you will not need to replace your countertop every few years because of wear. With marble, you’ll gain both luxury and a practical solution for your bathroom space.

Added Value

Lastly, marble is also a wonderful way to add value to your home. Homebuyers are constantly looking for features that are luxurious and high-quality and they are willing to pay extra for those features. With marble bathrooms, you’ll gain the buyers that you are looking for and you’ll also be able to sell your house for more because it has premium features that make a home into a luxury home. When you incorporate these countertops, you’ll also find that the installation is very easy and any professional can get the job done for you in a short period of time.

Laying Tile Is Much Easier As A Two Person Job

Home projects are not always easy, especially when you stuck doing a project that requires to or more people but the only manpower you have is yourself. While you could always hire help, it isn’t always cost effective, simple, or the type of support that you need to get a project done. Those who really want to make something into a great project are going to be very-hands on and present during the job. However, if you can get your friend to help you or even a family member, you will notice that you’ll be able to be much more efficient. One project that really does require to people is laying tile and below explains just how much more you can accomplish with more manpower.

Tackle More Space at a Time

w121The main benefit to having more than one person working on this type of project is that you can tackle more at a time. Tile work is very time consuming and slow. Therefore, anything that speeds up the process is always a good thing. When you have two people, you can designate which person completes what space. In most cases, this designation works best if you are splitting work in rooms or living spaces. Also, the faster you complete putting down the tile together, the quicker you’ll also be able to set the tile up, gloss it over, and clean it. The dual power really does extend to a number of aspects of the project and not just the preliminary step.


The bad thing about putting down tile is that it can be a very delicate material to deal with. In some cases, tile may break before you take it out of the box, easily delaying your project and making completion much more difficult. This is where a two person team makes the most sense. While one person continues the work to get the project done, another person can head out and grab the necessary tile components to finish the job. As a result, you won’t need to struggle to meet a deadline or finish remodeling your home.


Finally, there is the issue of input. With this type of project, two minds really is better than one. You both can give input on what you each think needs to be done, leaving a more perfected and nicely finished product.

Electric Saws Can Be Tricky To Use, But A Real Time Saver

When you have a home or work project on your hands, you need a reliable and useful tool to help you finish your project on-time and without an issue. The great thing about tools is that there is a wealth of options out there to meet your needs. If you’re undertaking an especially hefty project that requires dissection of certain materials, then you may just need to invest in one of the many electric saws available on the market. While these tools can be tricky to use at the beginning, they can be immensely useful if you are looking to save time and reduce hassle.

Easy to Operate


One of the main reasons that you can count on your saw to be a time saver is that the electric model can be easy to operate once you get the hang of it. For example, if you are using an 18-inch bar bladed model, it can fit close to 100 percent of the cutting needed. There are other models that can get even more precise than that. With the ease of operation and the precise results, you won’t need to waste time figuring out how to use the saw and you certainly won’t need to worry about taking time to get the perfect results that you are looking for.

No Refueling Needed

If you are using a non-traditional model and are choosing one that runs by gas, you can run into issues when it comes to refueling. Refueling a saw takes time, energy, and even raises the cost of using your saw. An electric model conveniently avoids this issue. All you need to rely upon is a consistent electric connection. In addition, electric models also have a higher recovery period unlike gas models that need to shut down and cool off before they can be used again.

Turning on the Machine

Finally, unlike gas models, electric models are extremely easy to turn on. Instead of dealing with a tricky and inconvenient cord, all you need to do is flip a switch. These models also never have the issue of flooding, which is common with the gas models. Overall, at the end of the day, you’ll find that electric models are tricky to use at the beginning. However, once you get the hang of things, you should be able to breeze through projects.